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«Association of renewable energy of Kazakhstan»

Association of renewable energy of Kazakhstan

The Association of renewable energy of Kazakhstan is the largest industry organization in the field of renewable energy sources, which unites all investors, developers, scientists, financial organizations, international energy companies to promote the formation and development of renewable energy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

AREK is officially accredited by the Ministry of Energy of RK and by the National chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken".

Our mission is to design consolidated proposals to promote renewable energy and sustainable development in accordance with international standards, the needs of society and the market. As well as informing people about the benefits of RES in order to enable them to benefit from it.

Our goals and objectives

  • Creating a favorable investment climate for the development of renewable energy
  • Strengthen cooperation between inventors and scientists to introduce innovations in the industry
  • Creating export-oriented renewable energy
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Assistance in transfer of knowledge and technologies for implementation of projects in Kazakhstan
  • Development of Kazakhstan's regions in the field of clean energy

Strategy of our company is to unite entrepreneurs in society, create a culture of mutual assistance and support, implement a system of self-government, create a system of knowledge transfer and skills development, assist in the implementation of investment projects in the field of RES, broadcast consolidated proposals, ideas and comments from the Association.

The Association's members are highly qualified experts in our field. Our participants work together by sharing experiences, partnering and building potential for sustainable urban development.

We make a worthy contribution to the development of professional and creative potential of specialists at all levels working in the field of renewable energy.


Zhemkov Ruslan Sergeyevich, Genereal director – r.zhemkov@gmail.com

Zhaksygeldy Aidana, Manager +7(701)305-07-35, info@kazrenergy.com

Website: https://kazrenergy.com

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