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USAID Power the Future

USAID Power the Future

Accelerating the transition to clean energy, diversifying energy sources, and creating competitive markets across Central Asia

USAID’s Power the Future activity is accelerating Central Asia’s transition to cost-effective, low emission, energy-secure, and climate resilient economies through increasing the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency in all five Central Asian countries.

The scaling up of renewable and distributed energy resources requires comprehensive changes to the regional governments’ power infrastructures, local market designs, and business models. The USAID Power the Future activity is working closely with the Governments of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, along with donors and other key stakeholders, to address the policy, technical, and financial barriers to clean energy development and regional electricity trade. USAID’s Power the Future is a results-oriented activity, focusing on empowering partner countries so they can control their own economic and social development and build new renewable energy generation.

USAID central asia regional electricity market (carem)
Enhancing regional cooperation to build a regional electricity market and increase electricity trade

USAID is providing technical assistance and capacity building to the five Central Asian countries to help them create an economically viable Central Asia Regional Electricity Market (CAREM). Through this work, USAID is working closely with the Central Asian governments, donors, and other key stakeholders to establish the technical regulations and institutions needed to maintain a secure and stable regional electricity market.

An integrated regional electricity market will save money, enhance energy security, and economic stability while also facilitating commercial trade transactions and attracting investments in the power sectors of all five Central Asian and neighboring South Asian countries. A regional electricity market will also deploy the lowest-cost electricity from across the Central Asian countries to meet the needs of each country, lowering costs in support of greater economic and social development.

In Central Asia, the creation of a regional electricity market requires the participating governments engage in dialogue and collaboration to strengthen institutions while adopting reforms, rules, market designs, and business models. USAID utilizes a hands-on and collaborative approach to build and maintain trust-based working relationships with the five Central Asian governments to ensure their acceptance and readiness to implement a regional electricity market.


Enhancing energy security, regional connectivity, and adoption of clean energy technologies across Central Asia.

Central Asia has abundant renewable energy resources, considerable opportunities for energy efficiency, and a strong desire and foundation for increased regional energy cooperation. USAID Power Central Asia is assisting the five Central Asian countries — Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan — to meet their national and regional priorities in energy security and unlock the economic benefits of regional energy trade. The activity collaborates with national governments and energy stakeholders to address three objectives:

  • National Market Liberalization Reforms
  • Clean Energy
  • Regional Power Market